Messaging:  Eleison Group has a proven track record of winning over moderates and independents and mobilizing progressives by working with candidates, business leaders, and non-profits on authentic faith and values messaging. Our strategy centers on crafting messages and policy positions that focus on shared values and common ground.  We work with clients to articulate their stances within a values framework in ways that inoculate them against attacks and resonate strongly with the faith and veteran communities.  We specialize in delivering our messages through mediums to which faithful Americans are most attuned, including Christian radio, denominational publications, email/text messaging, Christian college events and Christian recording artists and concerts.

Coalition Building: Eleison partners have excelled in building partnerships between business, non-profit, political, government, and faith and veteran communities.  We have built relationships with a number of military generals and vets groups, most denominations, and progressive and conservative faith-based organizations. We have used these relationships to mobilize volunteers and advance common ground goals.

Additional Products:

Training:  Eleison offers training for candidates, individuals, staff, and organizations on the best strategies for effectively engaging their target communities and authentically communicating shared values.

Field:  Eleison has had great success with veterans and faith field programs that both mobilize our base supporters and--of equal importance--disrupt and tamp down organizing efforts on the Right.  Our ability to engage at the grassroots and grasstops and seamlessly combine field and messaging strategies is one of the main reasons Eleison clients have been so successful.

Faith Email Campaign:  Eleison’s faith email program has received numerous national awards for being one of the best e-advocacy programs in the country each of the last two years.  We work with clients to craft email campaigns that enable us to deliver targeted messages to voters with whom they will most resonate and do so in a way that allows them to enter a conversation and provides them with resources they can share with their own networks.

TV/Radio Production:  Eleison’s unique understanding of faith and veterans communities enables us to create powerful television and radio ads that resonate strongly with our target audiences.  Our ads have gained extensive earned media coverage and earned numerous awards.  

Christian Radio:  Eleison has extensive knowledge and resources for crafting and placing messages on Christian radio and has completed a number of successful national and state-wide campaigns.  Eleison currently has the most complete Christian radio buying guide of any progressive or Democratic firm in the nation.

Teletownhalls: Utilizing our extensive contacts and lists, Eleison has had great success in conducting extremely effective teletownhalls between elected officials and policy leaders and faith and veterans communities.