The Eleison Group Internship Program

The Eleison Group is looking for fall, spring, and summer interns and graduate fellows.  Intern and fellow time will be split between Eleison and one of Eleison’s major clients, the American Values Network.

Applicants will need to understand the American church culture and have an interest in elected politics and issue advocacy.  Applicants need to have exemplary research and writing skills, be creative thinkers, and have the ability to work independently.


Intern/fellows play a significant role in our projects and campaign, and we take our mentorship and commitment to our students after they finish our program very seriously. Responsibilities will involve research for policy papers and memos, preparation for district meetings, help with press work, data collection and development, and some administrative duties. Special attention will be paid toward assisting students with academic credit, and we can work with students and their academic programs to turn intern projects into independent studies or possibly honors theses.

There are two types of internship opportunities  

Full-time fellowships in our Washington, DC office. 

Part-time internships that can be completed remotely while in school.

How to Apply

Applicants should send a cover letter, resume, and a 1-2 page writing sample on a political or religious topic to Chet Jechura at