Big Data Through a Values Lens: 

Eleison Group has spent the last decade developing and refining one of the largest values-based voter databases in the country. In recent years, as Democrats and progressive groups increasingly focused on voter models that assume Americans are best defined by how they were born, Eleison has focused on understanding and defining voters based on their values and behavior. 

The billions of data points Eleison has gathered through its numerous campaigns now power massive predictive voter models that direct Eleison’s sophisticated digital advertising platform. We can bid on almost any online ad shown to our targeted voters and wait until the content they are viewing, time of day, and other online behavior tells us they are most ready to engage with the ad(s) we have crafted for people who share their values and experience.  

Effective communication and persuasion is all about empathy and understanding, and modern digital advertising technology — informed by values and behavioral data — allows us to listen to voters at a macro-scale, while responding to their needs at an individual level. 

Blockchain & Economic Systems for the Common Good:

Most recently, we have been working with allies and thought partners on opportunities using cryptoeconomic incentives and blockchain technology to better capture the value of individual engagement and incentivize it toward the common good. We've been able to apply lessons learned in over fifteen years of political, grassroots, business, and international engagement campaigns — backed by the value of our data and connections with major institutional players — to create some exciting partnerships and potentials for the future. 


Eleison has a proven track record of winning over moderates and independents and mobilizing progressives by working with candidates, business leaders, and non-profits on authentic faith and values messaging. We craft messages that tell stories and policy positions that focus on shared values and common ground. We work with clients to articulate authentic narratives within a values framework, in ways that inoculate them against attack and resonate with the hopes and ideals of their audience.  

Additional Products:

Digital Advertising: Our digital advertising platform can bid on almost any ad space available on the internet, applying our behavioral models and artificial learning to create campaigns that deliver ads to users at the most optimal time and place when they are ready to act. We have used our advertising platform to help law enforcement find women being trafficked, generate tens of thousands of constituent advocacy calls to Congress, create measurable changes in voter attitudes about hunger, identify and support injured and homeless veterans, and launch trending news stories.

Digital Grassroots Advocacy: Eleison has developed a number of tools that leverage our values models to provide voters with opportunities to directly communicate with their elected leaders around issues we promote. Since our system relies on voter behavior and the content being viewed to “tell us” when someone is looking for an opportunity to engage, we do not require preexisting membership lists or organizational capacity to mobilize voters to action. Because we are connecting with individual voters through shared values, we are not as constrained by general political or ideological persuasions of a region. In short, we can mobilize voters to take action in any state, Congressional District, or state legislative district … and do so much more effectively, on shorter notice, and at a lower cost than traditional patch-through and list-mobilizing efforts. 

Faith Email Campaign: Eleison’s lists of tens of millions of faith voters power our email program that has won numerous national awards for e-advocacy over the last eight years. We work with clients to craft email campaigns that deliver targeted messages to voters in a way that begins a conversation and provides resources email recipients can share with their own networks. Since our email program is linked through our database to our digital ad platform, email responses and outcomes inform our digital buy models and provide a very efficient way to refine targeting before a new digital ad campaign launches.

Training: Eleison offers media and communication training for candidates, individuals, staff, and organizations on the best strategies for effectively engaging their target communities and authentically communicating shared values.

TV/Radio Production: We use our unique understanding of values narratives and emotional imagery to create powerful television and radio ads that resonate strongly with our target audiences. Our ads have gained extensive earned media coverage and won numerous awards.  

Christian Radio: Eleison currently has the most complete Christian radio buying list of any progressive or Democratic firm in the nation. We have over ten years of experience crafting and placing messages on Christian radio that inspire, persuade, and engage the unique and important American Christian radio audience. 

For an initial consultation about our services, please direct all inquires here.  We look forward to speaking with you.